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Freeart contains cellphone photographs, surrealism to realism, night scenes to portraits, most shot around Los Angeles. Since LA and vehicles are almost synonymous, many also shot while driving my Plymouth Barracuda. My photographic style is represeted edge to edge in the frame, narrow focus on the apparent subject will lead a viewer astray. Freeart is a personal photo flicker coded and published by the photographer.       Why?

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Freeart's current theme is untouched cellphone photography. Every photo is shot by, and posted directly from, a mobile device.
The latest photos are shots attempting nonstandard creative use of a pre-paid Sony Ericsson TM506's panoramic mode, which is 3 consecutive shots stiched together by the phone software.


Each photo links to larger images, most print nicely on desktop printer, printing tips are linked from the image display page. No, I don't use a Jesus Phone since the associated data plan costs are ridiculous, way beyond a reasonable price for what you get. Once they drop maybe I'll become an iPhone fanboi.
Please note: While Photoshop and camera filters are useful tools, they are involved anywhere in the image gallery.
All effects are achieved Through The Device Lense (TTDL) as the image is shot.


© Freeart images are not Public Domain
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The Thin Red Line: A Film Trailer Other Than Hollywood's




© Freeart Images are not Public Domain


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