Why the Freeart Photographic Gallery?




Though weaned on celluloid, I embraced binary relatively early and have been involved in digital photograpy ever since. A few years ago a company I worked for gave me a Treo, which inspired me to try and create interesting images using only a cellphone camera, and display the results directly from the device without any human interference. No cropping, apps or any alterations of any kind are used to create the finished photo, it is what it is.


Ever evolving, the current version of Freeart combines two worlds, the old and the new, and in the spirit of the original Internet, sharing. Freeart images are not public domain and are available for purchase and licensing fpr commercial use.


Now I invite you to relax, plug in the headphones and dig sounds that fit your moment while browsing Freeart. Or bookmark the site and come back when the time is right.


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